November 2, 2017

Halloween Hair...... Boo!

Halloween fell on a working week day for me this year so the morning was a busy one getting school lunches and uniforms sorted as well as myself looking half human for a day of work. Then Little Miss Giggleberry asked me, “what Halloween hairstyle are we going to do this year?” - eeeek! I hadn’t even thought about it to be honest!
A quick think and dig through my sewing room and I came up with a ghost idea...... (similar to a Christmas tree hairstyle we did a few years ago for the festive season).
A half up half down pony tail then two braids down the sides of Little Miss Giggleberry’s hair to start. Then I thread some white silky ribbon between and through the braids to make a triangle type shape on the back of her head. I just used a Bobbie pin at the beginning and end of the ribbon to tuck them out of sight. Then I used a little dab of hot glue to attach two large googled eyes to the ribbon and finished it off with a orange Halloween bow that we have had for a few years! Done!!


September 18, 2017

Minecraft Easter Hat Parade

This year was the last year my babies (soooo not babies anymore but I can dream) had an Easter hat parade to be a part of. At the Jnr Giggleberry's school they only do a hat parade up to a certain grade so Little Miss Giggleberry has finished and Master Giggleberry's final year was this year.
With that being the case I let him have free reign of choice for what to have on his head...... we hit Pinterest together and he spotted a Minecraft inspired one and exclaimed "YES". Decision made.
I purchased a Minecraft Creeper head (I probs could have made one but, ugh, too hard) and then added green cardboard ears and white cardboard teeth to turn it into a Creeper bunny.
Master Giggleberry and I then painted some foam easter craft eggs together. Then, using electrical tape of all colours we cut tiny squares and turned each painted egg into a Minecraft animal/character/TNT.The hot glue gun then got busy to attach them to the Creeper bunny..... TaDah!

One much loved hat by my boy, his mates and teachers.... too fun!

May 17, 2017

Crazy Sock Day!

Surely you know by now I LOVE to get my craft on when my kiddies bring home a note from school announcing a special event day like Book Week or Crazy Hair Day. Well I recently pulled out the trusty hot glue gun again. This time for Crazy Sock Day!
The kids wanted their socks to kinda match.... hmmmmmmmm sure. I popped over to Pinterest, found some inspiration and got cutting!

Felt is a great material to use for this kind of stuff. Fab colour choices, doesn't fray when cut and is relatively cheap.
I cut everything out by hand and just eyeballed it for size against the kids socks. Dosen't have to be perfect for one day of fun!!

The kids loved them and they got lots of giggles as they walked into school.... not too much popcorn came home again though LOL

February 17, 2017

Little Miss Giggleberry Bows

Bows, bows, bows! My clever little crafter has been a busy making and selling some rather sweet little hair bows!
Introducing Little Miss Giggleberry Bows - or LMG Bows as she prefers.

It started with a little playing and thinking during the school holidays about what she could do that is crafty and maybe she could sell to earn some spending money. W e chatted about it all and got to thinking about what thinks she likes herself and hair accessories was high on her list. We popped over to YouTube for some tutorials to find a style of bow Little Miss Giggleberry could make mostly by herself and found one in no time.
As the making began, firstly with scraps from my craft room, I had a "mummy lightbulb moment"!! I would help my girl promote and sell her bows on the deal that the profits made from them went towards her Irish Dancing expenses (little pat on the mummy back for that one ;P). Little Miss Giggleberry adores her Irish Dancing but WOWZA its a money muncher.... lesson fees, dance comps, shoes, interstate competitions later in the year and the big one - "The" Dress.

So, as I was saying, Bows, bows, bows! There has been oodles of back to school bows made and sold to match school uniforms, fun and fabulous bows for friends and family, bows made in particular favorited colours just because, some X-Large bows for the wow factor and even some bulk orders for dance schools!

She is having a ball with each and every order... there has even been chatter about a market stall!

If you or someone you know would like one two or a bucket load of bows please pop us and email at giggleberrycreations(at)gmail(dot)com with what you are after and we would be more than happy to help you out.